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Dr Tickle moving to 88 Harley Street

The last few years have been a particularly challenging time across all business sectors, but the medical profession has been especially affected by the pandemic and the associated health-based protective measures. This has been an opportunity to take pause, and to consider what is best for my patients and for the practice going forward. I […]

The value in having an ongoing relationship with your GP 

Recently, a Norwegian study has highlighted the importance of a continuous relationship between patient and doctor, improving the general level of care and potentially saving lives. This study’s timing is particularly interesting considering the prime minister’s announcement this week that family doctors would be at the forefront of the Omicron-beating booster drive, putting face-to-face GP […]

London stress levels rising post-lockdown

Big city living is stressful enough without the events of the last two years – some studies have found that city dwellers have a 21% greater chance of developing anxiety than their rural neighbours. However, a new study has found that almost seven in 10 Londoners feel overloaded with stress currently.  At the time of […]

Movember puts the spotlight on prostate health 

Every November, men are encouraged ‘grow a mo to save a bro’ as the Movember charity initiative raises awareness of men’s health. Initially focused on prostate cancer, the charity has expanded its focus to cover a whole host of health issues that men find difficult to talk about openly. One ‘unspoken’ health issue that affects millions of men over the […]

How to live a bone healthy lifestyle during menopause

Every October, a spotlight is shone on the menopause and peri-menopause and the focus for 2021’s World Menopause Day is bone health. Bone is living tissue with its own blood and nerve supply and healthy bone renews itself continually. The amount of bone tissue you have can be measured and this gives us a bone […]

Dr Tickle moves to London Medical

We are delighted to announce that Dr Tickle has moved to London Medical, London’s premier multi-disciplinary clinic, located on Marylebone High Street. London Medical regularly wins awards for its outstanding patient care and excellence as a diagnostic clinic. For many years Dr Tickle has been referring her patients to specialists based at London Medical, so […]

Health – how I can help you

No matter who you are, what you are doing or where you are going, without a reasonable quality of health it will be much harder. After more than 20 years in medical practice, I truly believe that we can achieve better health and become our best selves with just a little knowledge, nudging and effort. […]