Hourly rate£400/hour pro-rata ^^
45mins Consultation – required for Annual Review, First Appointment (unless otherwise agreed) or Complex Problems

30mins Face-to-Face/Video/Phone Consultation

15mins Video/Phone Consultation

Occupational Health Packages
POA – typically an hour (£500 including reports)
Longer Reports/Insurance Paperwork
£400/hour pro rata

Short Forms
Referral Without Appointment
£75 (referral letters are usually included within a consultation)
Specialist Prescriptions£40
All Additional Tests (blood, biological samples, ECGs etc) Guidance on pricing will be given at consultation BUT the prices are not within my remit to change
Management of Medical Records (updating your medical history with external medical reports and correspondence)£30/item

Our Subscription Package

Our subscription package is ending, but subscription rates will be held where relevant until 1 February 2024 ^^

Employee Care Rates

Employee care rates are available to local SME companies providing health cover to employees. Get in touch to discuss further.

Frequently Asked Questions

A 45-minute Initial Consultation can be booked on the website by selecting first the Initial Consultation appointment option from the dropdown menu and then selecting a date and time.

We will send a simple registration form and medical questionnaire, so we have all the relevant information for the first appointment. If patients are seeking help for an ongoing medical condition, please bring information on any tests or treatment you previously undergone to the first appointment.

Dr Tickle is available for face-to-face and video/phone consultations between the following times:

  • Monday: 0900-1800
  • Tuesday: 0830-1630
  • Wednesday: 0830-1630
  • Thursday: 0830-1630

Consultations may be available at other times, so do call if you need to make an alternative arrangement. All consultations can be booked online at the website or by calling us on 07788 797 824. Please note that 15-minute consultations shall be conducted via video or telephone only.

Dr Tickle’s medical service is confidential; there is no automatic transfer of data between private services and NHS, so Dr Tickle does not have access to your NHS records.

It is recommended that key medical issues such as significant diagnoses and changes in medication should be alerted to any NHS general practitioner if the patient has a current registration in the NHS, although express permission is required to enable this.

Patients often wonder if they are allowed to see Dr Tickle and also have an NHS GP. Yes – it is possible to be registered in the NHS and to choose to be seen privately. However, there is no guarantee that prescriptions offered in the private system can be transferred to the NHS and it is forbidden to use the private sector to queue jump for treatments or investigations that will be taken in the NHS.

No – as an independent clinician, NHS Prescriptions are not available. All medications prescribed need to be paid for directly to the Pharmacist who dispenses the prescription and the cost reflects the true cost of the medication, not the subsidised NHS prescription fee. The practice works closely with a company called Pharmacierge who are excellent and they deliver medication to patients, so they are a good partner for phone or video consultation requirements.

In the majority of specialities this is not possible. There are some exceptions however, so if we are consulting on an area where the NHS will be required, we can always make a plan.

The clinic can vaccinate against everything except Yellow Fever and Covid. This includes travel vaccinations, chickenpox, whooping cough flu and pneumonia, HPV vaccination, which I recommend to anyone with a risk of acquiring HPV as well as shingles vaccination, which is offered from age 55 upwards.

For travel vaccinations there is a form to complete before attending.

Most vaccines can be delivered 48 hours after we know they are required and always need to be pre-booked to ensure availability.

I am available by telephone out of hours. I am able to give telephone advice and where required will supply prescriptions through to pharmacies when this is feasible.

When I am not available, e.g. holidays or illness, my practice will be covered by nominated colleagues.

For significant emergencies, such as chest, pain, loss of consciousness, signs of stroke, bleeding or broken bones, the best and safest thing to do is to go to an NHS Accident and Emergency department where full attention will be rendered to emergency issues. It is always possible to move away from the NHS, but historically private provision for acute medical emergencies is less adequate than the NHS and patients may come to harm.

Patients also ask if me referring them to a specialist means we book their appointment. It does not. Usually once a referral has been made, the patient needs to take authorisation from their medical insurance package, if using, before booking their own appointment.