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The last few years have been a particularly challenging time across all business sectors, but the medical profession has been especially affected by the pandemic and the associated health-based protective measures. This has been an opportunity to take pause, and to consider what is best for my patients and for the practice going forward. I […]

bowel cancer screening

Bowel cancer screening: the NHS finally catches up

Great news! The NHS has followed expert advice and reduced the recommended age at which to start bowel cancer screening from aged 60 to age 50. Guess what? That is how we have worked here since I started the practice over 12 years ago. Here…
screening for cervical cancer

Screening for cervical cancer

There have recently been changes in how we use tests for cervical cancer screening. The new testing regime is safer and more reliable, which has simplified the diagnostic pathways and strategies we need to follow if you are found to have any…
choosing an orthopaedic specialist

How do I choose a knee surgeon? Our guide to choosing an orthopaedic specialist

In addition to the clinical knowledge updates that are undertaken regularly, I also spend time every year considering to whom you should be referred should this be required. As you can imagine, in medicine there are often changes, an inevitable…